Hi, my name is Janette. I’m the wife of one loyal fella and the mommy of one spirited little girl. Mine is a restoration story, from the pain of grief and loss, to rebirth and new life.

Pressing pause on my career to take on the role of stay-at-home mom, I had entered a season of questioning my purpose and re-framing my identity.

After the gift of one child, came a new reality: secondary infertility. Viewing my worth through the lens of productivity, I was tempted to believe the lie that I only had one–as if my self-worth was less than–and I placed pressure on myself to earn the privilege of motherhood.

Do you ever carry around a weight of insecurity?

When it was just me and my baby at home all day? I became exhausted trying to fulfill my roles as mom, wife, friend, and keep up with the house, church ministry and all the things…let alone invest time in my own soul-care.

So when my baby was still in diapers, I decided to join a moms group at church. Meeting others at the park, I would say I was a mom of “only one”– as if having one child was my deficit. (Read more of my story in “My Child Always Asks Why: the Question that Restored by Broken Heart”)

Yet in that community of like-minded moms, I found grace and acceptance that was greater than my risk of vulnerability. I learned that flourishing as a women was not about producing more children, but that God had restored me in His grace. Motherhood is a gift that teaches me everyday how to draw on that grace to renew my strength.

When you give your pain over to a loving God, your heart can be transformed and your story produce your purpose. My hope is to see women go from restless to restoration, for those who feel weary to find wholeness by drawing near to God’s heart.

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