Janette McLaughlin

Hi, my name is Janette. I’m the wife of one loyal fella and the mommy of one spirited little girl (and her little dog, too). Mine is a restoration story, from the pain of loss and infertility, to new life.

After leaving my teaching career to be a stay-at-home mom, I struggled with my purpose and identity. From a career driven perspective, I was tempted to say that I was “only a mom.”

But with the realization of secondary infertility, I placed inordinate pressure on myself to earn the privilege of motherhood.

Do you ever carry around the heavy weight of insecurity?

When it was just me and my baby at home all day? I didn’t know how to fulfill my roles as a mom, a wife, a friend, keep up with the house and the bills and do all the things…let alone find time to read my Bible and pray!

So when my baby girl was still in diapers, I decided to join a young moms group at church. Meeting other moms at the park, I would say I was a mom of “only one.” Yet that community of like-minded moms brought great joy, whether they had one child or three (and another on the way).

I learned that flourishing as a women was not about producing more children, but that God had restored me in his grace. Motherhood is a gift that teaches me everyday how to press into that grace to find my strength.

I’m here to encourage you, when you give your pain over to Jesus, he transforms your story to produce your purpose.

You can be restored from weariness to wholeness as you draw near to the heart of God and become centered on his promises.

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While you are here, will you answer one question for me? Okay, here goes:

What is one thing you hope to find here so that I may serve you better? I promise to read your message and hold your story with grace.