How Carrying Each Other’s Burdens is the Way of Grace

How Carrying Each Other’s Burdens is the Way of Grace

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.


On a recent school field trip, I met another mama, whose child is in my daughter’s class. She was carrying her baby in a wrap snuggled about her. I commented on how precious her little one looked sleeping soundly close against his mama. She said, “Yes, but he never lets me put him down to sleep!” Oh, how well I sympathized.

She lamented how tired she was and shared her feelings of frustration in wanting to be more productive at home but never wanting to miss out on the special moments with her kids. How she felt like she can never do enough either for her kids, or to organize her home, or to serve her husband. As she spoke, I related so deeply with the burdens she carried as a mama.

This mama shared with me her struggles, and we talked for awhile as the kids went with their group on to the next part of the tour. At first I was surprised how she trusted me with the cares of her heart. But then I saw a woman, like me, who needed to unload a bit. Obviously she was not handing over her children and asking me to do all her chores. She was simply sharing some weight of what she was carrying in her heart.

The simplest thing I could do was to listen with the grace Jesus so freely gives me, to lean in and shoulder a bit of her burden, to give presence to her in that moment. And in this way, to bring the presence of Christ in me as I sat with her.

The next day, I saw her across the school parking lot, carrying her baby, while her first child struggled with something. She leaned down to whisper in her child’s ear and wipe tears off round cheeks. I was a silent observer, but as I witnessed this I prayed. Just as she carried her babe on her hip and bore her child’s heartache, my prayers carried intercession and blessings for her to the throne of grace, where Jesus meets our deepest needs.



Read the verse of the day:  GALATIANS 6:2


Look up today’s verse and read it in context of the chapter. Have a pen and paper ready. We will work through five steps.

  1. Write down the Bible verse.
  2. Find the key word and circle it.
  3. Look up the definition of the word (notice how it is used in context).
  4. If you are reading from a different translation of the Bible, which word is used instead?
  5. Underline where you find a promise. Find the heart of this verse and mark it with a heart shape.

(Click here for How to Use a Word Study.)


What does this verse reveal about God’s heart? How does this truth refresh your soul? Turn this into your prayer today.

Please leave a comment below to share something that touched you in today’s devotional.


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  1. Janette, isn’t it amazing all the ways Jesus created for us to carry the weight: listening, bringing dinner, babysitting, crying alongside. He loves His people and loves it when we love each other.


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