Hidden: Find Yourself in the Grip of Grace

Hidden: Find Yourself in the Grip of Grace

‘Cause I loved you before you knew it was love
And I saw it all, still I chose the cross
And you were the one that I was thinking of
When I rose from the grave

{Out of Hiding, by Steffany Gretzinger}

One sunny day after dropping off my daughter at school, I met up with a good friend at a hiking trail near my house. We began our hike in the morning, nevertheless the heat of the sun was upon us. As we walked the two-mile trail, my friend talked of her current struggles and how she was growing in her love for God. I was mostly quiet, except for responding with an affirming “Uh-ha,” or “I know what you mean.”

Then she began asking about me, how I was doing. Her gentle questions were filled with grace. Yet out on that trail, I felt like there was no place for me to hide. We were walking together, she and I and the Lord. I thought about our old friends Adam and Eve, how they had wanted to hide. They had fallen into temptation and sinned for the first time. Suddenly they felt exposed. So they hid from God and covered themselves with leaves (Genesis 3).

As we walked along the narrow hiking path, I had the realization that part of me was coming out of hiding. There was not one particular sin or deed needing uncovering. It was more like an agreement I had made with myself that needed to be undone, because it kept me from walking in the freedom and fullness of life that Christ offers.

I was so busy listening to the negative self-talk that I could not hear the voice of God. I was searching for approval somewhere else, all the while ignoring the gentle nudges from the Savior that he was with me, he sees me, and he has approved me by the power of his blood on the Cross.

Not only that, but he created me. I am his design and bear his image. He loves me with an everlasting love. I am his beloved and he is mine. I do not need to waste a second more trying to escape discomfort or hiding from the voice of the accuser. I only need to hide myself in Christ.

Do you ever find yourself trying to hide? We may hide from different things…

Our children – behind the cupboards to eat chocolate and potato chips; in the bathroom to get a little quiet alone time; in the car to make an important phone call.

Our friends – screening their calls; hiding their posts on social media; small-talk or avoiding deep connection; isolating ourselves and avoiding hospitality.

Our spouse – this is a touchy one… we may hide from difficult conversations; go to bed early to avoid intimacy or tune-out with our phones or busy-work.

Our mess – closing the closet door on the mess no one else sees is a proverb for real life hidden things; it shuts us in from hospitality and opening ourselves up to other people; time to clean out the clutter and open up the doors.

Our scars — it feels easier to put on a mask, cover up our flaws, hide from the past; we put on our best self in front of others; keep things on the surface; avoid telling our stories.

Where we are found…

Did you notice how the list reveals ways we relate to others? We might try to hide our insecurities, our short-comings, our past, and our pain. When we hide, we inadvertently shut out the very people who can help us. But there is one relationship we avoid most when we hide—our relationship with Jesus.

Yet in his love he pursues us and calls us beloved. He finds us by his mercy and pardons our inequities. He desires relationship and nearness. He is looking for us just as he looked for Adam and Eve when they were hiding on the garden. His mercy finds us in the darkness and restores us by his grace. We cannot out run God’s love.

If you raised your hand to any of the list above, this word study is for you.

This week in our series from Weary to Worship, we will explore the word “hidden“. In our word study we will meditate on how to set our minds on things above where our real life is hidden with God in Christ (Colossians 3:2-3). This week we will uncover the lies of shame; seek shelter in God alone; mine the depth of his word like hidden treasure; reveal His glory and salvation where we are truly found.

His love pursues. His mercy finds. His grace restores.

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