Then Peter called to him, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.” {Matt 14:28}
What would it took like if you invited the Lord to write your story? Are you ready to wake up to the purpose and calling God has put on your life? What if you took off the shackles of shame and busted down the boundaries of your past and took a step toward Jesus?

I loved the boldness of these questions being asked of us woman at the conference I attended this weekend.

When you’re sick and tired of the lies being sold about who you are…When you’re ready to own the truth of who God says you are and you’re ready to live like you believe it… “Jesus bid me to come.” He is bidding you toward him, to step out on the waters.
Dear Jesus,
When You commanded this of me…I, like Peter, said, “Okay, Lord; if You are there on the water, I will step out upon it and walk toward You.” And like Peter, when the storm came, as You knew it would, I looked at the waves ripping up over my head and I began to sink. But You reached out Your hand and invited me further still. Lord, let us be woman, who hear Your voice above the storm. Let us discern Your voice of peace over the condemning voices of the enemy. Surround us, protect us, guard us on every side, so that we may step into Your purposes, into true freedom. May we realize the calling You have given to each one of us and use them as gifts for Your kingdom, for our good and Your glory. We love you Lord. Bid us to come and we shall. Amen.

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