May you have a strong sense of the impossible things God wants to do in, through, and around you. May God’s dream for you swallow up your unbelief! May you have faith enough to put out your buckets and prepare for rain. God moves on faith. May He move mightily because of yours. May you live with open-handed wonder today, because you KNOW that God is up to something good.

–Susie Larson, “Daily Blessing: Prepare for Breakthrough

This weekend I was blessed to participate in a life changing event with guest speaker Susie Larson. If you haven’t had the blessing of reading any of her books, take a moment visit her website here. I promise you will find the power of freedom and redemption for your story.
I learned so much from Susie’s message on true freedom at our church’s “Fearless and Free” women’s conference. Hearing her speak was the icing on the cake after weeks of preparation and prayer for this event. I had the privilege of participating with five other women in writing, planning, and presenting a skit for the conference. We met together numerous times to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to write the words for the script and infuse his message of freedom.
As we brainstormed, planned, wrote, and prayed, one thing became blatantly obvious. We were not going to get through the process without living the message ourselves. We were hit on all sides, one attack after another. Trials became the norm the last few weeks, striking all areas of our lives, from relationships to finances. We knew God must have had big plans for this conference because the enemy knew just where to aim those fiery darts. Every day was a new reminder to put on the shield of faith.
Well the event had arrived, the women came, and Suzie had everyone on their feet by the end of the first night—literally dancing in the aisles to a song about freedom. The second day came and there was a palpable sense of the Lord’s presence and purpose for the women. Breakthrough was happening.
One thing I learned is that our brokenness only leads to breakthrough when we stop buying the lies about who the enemy says we are and we start believing the truth of who God says we are. If we believe in the Son and receive his salvation from sin, then we are children of God. And if we are his children then we are heirs of the kingdom. {Gal 4:5-7}

We are no longer prisoners to the boundaries we put around our story because of our past. Jesus holds the power to redeem our past and make it into a platform, not a prison. His blood sets you free to find your purpose positioned in Him.

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