The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters.
And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.
There are seasons of life when one can feel like there is nothing left to give. You’ve already done all you can. You’ve given it all you’ve got. What now? What next? You have emptied yourself of any last bit of strength in your reserve. Life feels void. Have you been there? Maybe you’re there now.
I am encouraged reading God’s story of the beginning. His creation, formless and empty, God started with nothing. And he made something. He did the impossible and he does it everyday…
You know, sometimes our impossible thing is not going to have the outcome we choose. But God has a plan that is so vastly detailed and perfect that he won’t allow a single thing to happen that is out of his control.
We see that in the creation story, and it gives me so much hope. He is a brooding God. Like the mother hen who hovers over her eggs before they hatch. He is expectantly preparing the next part of His plan. He has already made the proper preparations, and he calls them good.
He has a plan and a purpose for your life—empty as it may seem today—and it is good.
Right now it may not feel very good. It hurts. It’s messy. You may even feel like the darkness may swallow you up. But you can count on one thing, He will never fail to fulfill His word (see Luke 1:37).
He who formed a shapeless world and filled it with light and color, teaming with life, He is planning big things for you. He wants to take your nothing and turn it into something meaningful. God is re-forming and re-shaping you more into His image, and that is very good.
Hang on my friend. God is moving over your life and your situation. He is preparing new life to come out of the darkness.
…Evening passed and morning came. {Gen 1:5}

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