It Starts With Me

“Awake, O sleeper,
rise up from the dead,
and Christ will give you light.”

A few years ago, this amazing thing happened. A 9 lb, 21 in., 26 hr., 39 wk., 7 yrs. in the making miracle occurred. And with her came a greater work. I was being remade. God promised me a new song {Ps 40:1-4}. He was writing it, composing the melody and inscribing the lyrics on my heart.

The Bible is full of stories about his children who had a past, yet persevered under pressure before their song was born. Their revival did not begin when they felt like being heroic and picking up a banner for the cause. It began because their Creator saw them in the dust, picked them up, breathed Life into their lungs, and told their heart to beat again. All who call upon the name of the Lord, we are being remade. Reborn into the purposes of God.

For me, it began seven years ago when He used the gift of my “rainbow baby” and only child to begin remaking me. One day as I prayed for guidance in parenting this child, I felt the weight of raising a life in a broken world. Then a song came on the radio: “Starts With Me,” by Tim Timmons. It became so clear right then. If I desire to see revival in my life, for my family and the people He brings into my path, it has to begin right here. It starts with me.

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