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The Women: Rahab

Welcome In

Guest post by, Rachael Harry
Read Rahab’s story in the following sections of scripture:
For weeks as I prepared my study on Rahab I admit I was a little bit baffled as to how I would relate to her. I mean, there is a lesson on grace and redemption here, which-is-oh-so-good. But what can I get from Rahab that is new and fresh for everyone?
And then God gave me a word that startled me like a welcomed glass of cold water splashed on my thirsty perspective. I pray it does the same for you.
I noticed this word: IN.
That little word “in” was repeated throughout the text. And it wove together an incredible picture of God’s heart for us all.
First we must look at what Rahab did.
Rahab brought God IN— She had heard about the God of Israel, believed in Him and confessed her faith to the spies. She allowed this belief to free her and change her entire world.
She brought the spies IN— into her home, her life, into her family’s life, into her plan… Then she hid them, protected them, and lied for them, risking all by betraying her own people.
She tied the Scarlet Cord IN the window— It was so interesting to me to note the specific instructions regarding the placement of this cord, especially with all of its deeper meaning (which is all for a later study!).
She brought her family IN— Rahab desired her father’s entire household to be saved. And the only way was for them to be in her house.
Next we see what God did!
If you fast forward to Matthew 1:5, you will find that Rahab is one of only five women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus.
God brought Rahab IN! You know, after Rahab saved the spies, they could have stopped there. Like, “Thanks for your help…Thanks for your allegiance…Here’s your life…Go and sin no more…” But God didn’t stop there. God didn’t just save her. God didn’t just reward her allegiance to Israel by letting her live with the Israelites. He brought her IN much deeper than that.
Rahab became part of God’s family. She married Salmon and was the mother of Boaz, who married Ruth. She was King David’s great-great-grandmother! Rahab had a plan to save her family…God had a plan to save humanity – which saved Rahab eternally.
She was ready for change. She was ready to do what it took. She was ready for life. God could have just spared her life, but He didn’t. He brought her INTO Israel. God could have just let her live with Israel. But He didn’t. He brought her INTO his inner circle. He brought her INTO His secret plan of redemption and put her in the line of the Messiah, the Savior, the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world! Jesus who would take away her sins.
And here we find God’s heart.
Not just for Rahab, but for you and me. This is salvation. Yet deeper still, this is His inner circle.
Rahab was dirty, but she was made clean by entering IN to God’s heart. She entered into God’s heart when she brought Him IN through her belief. And her actions proved that when she brought the spies IN, hung the scarlet cord IN her window, she kept the secret of the spies IN, she brought her family IN to her home. God did not need her, but God wanted her.
Rahab brought the spies into her plan, God brought Rahab into His purpose.
Rahab brought the spies into her home, God brought Rahab into His presence.
Rahab brought God into her heart, God brought Rahab into His heart

Now it’s your turn. COME IN.
God wants so much more for you than where you are at right now. God wants to bring you IN to His inner circle. He wants to save you and give you so much more. He doesn’t want you to just “not die.”
He wants you to LIVE! And He doesn’t just want you to breathe. He wants you close. Closer than you are now. He wants to bring you IN to His presence.
Just like Rahab, it is time to stop looking at your past.
It is time – to LET GO of all of the reasons you think you cannot be included in God’s inner circle. You see, the beautiful thing about God’s inner circle is that it is for everyone!
We are clean, forgiven, friends and heirs (1 Jn 1:9; John 15:15; Jam 2:5).
Maybe you are like Rahab, in sin, completely lost behind the guise of your culture or family traditions. Maybe you are trapped and closed in by walls that have kept God out… It’s time to step away from that. It’s time to step out, take the risk, and let God in. Because He is wanting you, desiring to bring you IN to His inner circle…to save you.
Maybe you know God, but like Rahab you will always bear the consequence or title that your past life branded you with. You are stuck behind who you think you just are and always will be. But staying in that place, you will never go deeper you will never grow closer, you will never know more than what you already do now. It’s time to let that go. He wants you so bad that He sent His Son to die for you, to give you a way, access into the holy of holies.
To free you. To clean you.
Whatever is holding you back – it’s time to let it go and look at it no longer.
Maybe you are close with God and you consider yourself already in His inner circle. You have owned the name “friend of God”. He wants you closer and deeper still.
This is God’s heart for you – to come IN.
INTO His purpose.
INTO His presence.
INTO His heart.

Written by,
Rachael Harry
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