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Today we meet the first character in The Women series. And I am thrilled to introduce my very dear friend and kindred spirit, as she shares with us the story of Eve. Our prayer is that many will be touched by the truth in the words here. Please continue to join us each week for this series by checking the blog. Follow by email so you can receive updates to your inbox!

The Women: Eve

First Women, Mother of All

Guest post by, Elizabeth L. Paulson
Read Eve’s story in the following sections of scripture:
Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 23; Genesis 4:1-2; 25-26 

Eve, the mother of all, the first woman…..her story lies in the pages of Genesis , the beginning of His Word. In fact, even if you don’t know much about the Bible, chances are you know who Eve is. As I sat down with my Bible to study this “character”, this woman, I asked the Lord to show her to me in a fresh way, from a new perspective. He answered faithfully, and Eve came to life for me! God wanted me to “get into her skin”..so to speak. To see her world through her eyes. To experience the myriad of emotions she must have felt. I felt God leading me to get inside of her head, to know her character better. And, so it came… a monologue, for lack of a better term, from Eve.

Eve, along with Adam, plays a huge role in our human existence, our human story. And, although, she only has a small portion of Scripture dedicated to her, she lived a lifetime. Days and months and years…an intense lifetime to say the least! Remove from your mind now, what you once felt or perceived Eve to be. Read below as if you are her…Eve the first woman.

Have you ever wanted to turn back time? To simply undo one thing you did……one act of sin….one moment of regret. When you thought you could get ahead and have success and soar by just doing one thing, so you make that choice to disobey…well I have. I have lived that, and there are moments when I wish I could turn back time.
I am sure you know me. My name is Eve. I think most everyone knows me, and I am not proud of what they remember me for. It is part of my story, but it isn’t my whole story. I have lived many seasons beyond my time in the garden.
Before I ate the fruit, I knew peace. Real peace. I understood joy and contentment. My world was only the garden with Adam and God. I was happy! Before I ate fruit, I walked with Adam carefree. There was no space, no walls, between God and I. Communication was open and unstrained.
But after I ate the fruit, all that changed. I couldn’t even look God in the eye any longer. I didn’t want to tell Him I disobeyed. There was this instant separation from Him, and I created it.
After I ate the fruit, I felt anxiety. I worried for the first time ever in my life. I couldn’t breathe, and I was overwhelmed. Before I had eaten the fruit, I stood with God and my true love, naked and unashamed. Vulnerable and Free! But after I ate, I was ashamed of myself. I had to hide. I felt ugly. I was filled with regret. I was in paradise, but I lost it all.
Sometimes, I still can’t believe how easily I fell into those serpent’s words. Why did I buy his lies? Why didn’t he tell me about the pain and consequences I would have after? I don’t understand why I fell into his trap. Don’t you believe that serpent if he comes talking to you! All he spreads are lies and untruth. Look to God for truth and love.

Many of you understand what I am speaking of. You too were faced with a choice. You too were fooled by a disguised serpent. You should have gone right but you went left instead. You said yes when you should have said no! You chose to defy God (to disobey Him) as I did and you felt the consequences of that decision.
I know all about consequences and the pain that results from them. I was kicked out of paradise! I used to walk in the cool of the evening with GOD! And now I often walk alone, separated from Him. And then the pain that comes with the consequence….Do you know what it feels like to have one son become a murderer? And to have your other son dead and gone. Taken too early from life. Perhaps you do. Perhaps your pain is intense like mine.
But I also know how deep our Father’s love is for us, and even after we choose to separate ourselves from Him, He still loves us! He still loved me, even though I ate the fruit. My life outside of the garden is hard and painful. But God still blesses me. In the midst of heartache, there is joy. He gave me another child…did you know that? And he let me stay with Adam, my mate! We have to work hard outside the garden, but I still get to be by Adam’s side. We struggle, but we are one under God.
The best thing is that God still talks to me. He didn’t leave me. I know He has a plan, and He is still weaving it all together. And I am honored to be a part of his plan…to be the first woman, the first wife, the first mother. He made me. He chose me for this role just as he has chosen you for your role. I remember that…every day. I cling to that.
He is my hope and will be my salvation. I can’t help but believe that I will get to be with him in paradise again one day! I pray you know of His love, His grace, and His understanding. He is a just God, filled with love for all of his creation.
I am Eve, mother of all.
Written by,
Elizabeth L. Paulson

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