The Women Series – Introduction

Welcome to a six week series on women in scripture! It is an absolute privilege for me to introduce a few dear friends who were key speakers at our women’s Bible study this summer and will be sharing their messages with us. Please join us for this series each week! You may also follow by email so you can receive updates to your inbox.

The Women Series: Introduction

A Look at the Lives of Five Women in Scripture

Guest post by, Linda Osborne
Women are such a critical part to all that God has done. And the stories of women in the past help us as we walk through our world today. What do they teach us? What do their very stories speak into our generation? What would they say to us if they could speak to us today? In the weeks to come, we’ll look at the lives of five women of the Bible and see what they have to say!
We’ll look at:
  • Eve
  • Mary, mother of our Beloved
  • Rahab
  • Women Who Served: Anna, Dorcas, Lois and Eunice, Lydia, and Priscilla
  • Miriam
So. Women.
Women are very important! You and I are very important. As women, we have a unique position in the world. We have influence. A great deal of influence, as a matter of fact. Just to name the obvious–we have influence over the following people, where it applies:
  • our husbands
  • our children/grandchildren
  • our extended family
  • our friends/neighbors
  • our co-workers
  • our students
  • our group, etc.
Every day we have influence in the lives of other people. Even at the grocery store or other public places, sports events, for example. How we deal with our children? What kind of language do we use? Are we respectful to others? You get the idea.
You may have never thought of it this way before, but influence is actually power. You’ve been given a voice. And because you have a voice, you have a place of power.
Sometimes we think of women as being the underdogs, second-string, or those who are powerless, but I beg to differ! I think we have a much greater position of power in this world than we realize! And we need to realize this and to use this power intelligently and well.
You and I are accountable for how we use what we’ve been given by the Lord, as is the church in general. The thing I’ve been asking myself lately is: How I’m using my places of influence. You see, I realize that I have power. I have a voice. How am I using my voice? How are you using yours?
I’ve been noticing lately that we do a lot of things simply because “that’s the way we’ve always done them.” We fall into a comfortable groove and do things by rote.
  • This is how I’ve always lead my Sunday School class.
  • These are the verses/illustrations I’ve always used when I’m teaching this portion of Scripture.
  • This is how we’ve always done things here at our church. Etc., etc., etc.
Because I’ve been teaching for so many years, I sometimes give messages that I’ve given before. But I always take that message to the Lord and give Him free reign to take out anything He doesn’t want and to add anything He wants.
You see, every year is different (He’s doing new things!); every Bible study is different; every retreat is different: The women at that church are different than the women at the last retreat I did. I don’t know them, but He does! And there are always new things that He’s teaching me; new truths that He’s leading me into. And I always want to be lead by His Spirit.
I happen to feel that we have entered into a new day and that things are not the same as they’ve always been. On a purely human level, I think we can see that just by looking around and listening to the news.
Recently, as my mom and I were talking about a recent terrorist attack, I said to her, “Our country has turned a corner in these last days.” In fact, the world has turned a corner. We can all see that, can’t we?
I feel as if we’ve entered a new day spiritually as well. And I say this with excitement! I believe God is doing new things in our day. And I think we can be part of these new things, if we want to. But it will look different. And we have to be willing for that to be okay.
God is alive, ladies. His Spirit is alive and He lives in us! I want to be alive right now, too! I don’t want to be doing the same old things the same old ways.
He’s given us a voice for this generation. Let’s be sure that use it well. Let’s not find ourselves saying: Well, this is how we always do church. In fact, let’s not “do church” at all! Instead, let’s come on Sundays and worship our beloved Savior! We call it a day of worship, so let’s worship! Let’s be alive!
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