Into His Presence

Welcome to Day 23 of my series Speak Praise as part of the Write 31 Days challenge. I am so happy you have joined us on this journey of exploring praise!

This Friday I am sharing a link to a gifted writer, Anna Smit of Joy of the Spirit Within, who through her series, so beautifully reflects on something she says has been

“a constant part of my journey into God’s Love, but especially prevalent in the deepest of valleys: Worship. It seems, the more I meet the ends of myself, the more my soul yearns to sit in His Presence.”

Her writing itself is a beautiful expression of worship and captures the joy, the freedom, and the healing we find when we let ourselves be held in God’s presence. Anna provides glorious insight about what she calls our “severed bond with God through sin” and the power of his “transformational love.”

In her post Love is Drawing You into His Presence, Anna names worship as a key way that God restores and heals that which has been broken. “The more we worship, the more healing can be ushered in.”
Please click the link below to read her post:
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