An Invitation

God sure has a sense of humor. What happens when a mom let’s God’s grace write the story of her life? He gets rid of her excuses.
In a moment of divine intervention, I happened upon a feed about a writing challenge that happens every October called Write 31 Days
So I began praying about what God would have me explore for thirty-one days. The Lord has just given me a fresh start on this writing journey and he is not going to abandon me now!
From October 1-31st, I will be posting daily on the theme of Speaking Praise: Words of Promise. Worship with Purpose.
In this theme we will explore:
  • power of our words how our thoughts reflect our beliefs and our words influence our actions
  • power of God’s word — how to meditate on God’s promises and how to view God’s silence
  • power of worship — it affirms our faith in a living God and welcomes His presence in our lives
  • putting praise into practice — how to speak life into our relationships and everyday moments
Join me for this life-changing journey as we explore the power of words and rejoicing in God’s promises. This experience will be a rich and rewarding one as we connect together and share our reflections. I would sincerely love to engage with you in this process.
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Hope to see you here each day, and be sure to leave your comments and share with others!
Grace to you,
P.S. Here’s a little music to get us on our way! Enjoy

“Say The Word” Official Lyric Video — Hillsong UNITED

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