Write 31 Days 2017

I want to invite you to join me in the month of October for a special series from Weary to Worship: 31 days centered on God’s promises in the mess & mundane.

The series will include short devotionals and scriptures to help center your heart on God’s promises. I will guide you through simple meditations on a word theme for each week. Word themes include:

  • Waiting
  • Hidden
  • Carry
  • Rest, renew, restore

I understand the kind of wound-tight weariness that wraps around a mother’s heart, which is why I have carefully curated a special gift to serve you as you follow this series.

It’s called from Weary to Worship: 7 Ways to Refresh Your Soul. This simple guide has a few suggestions for how you can become centered on God’s promises amid the mess and mundane. Grab your free guide here!

When you subscribe to this series you will receive a daily email that includes the devotional for the day.

from Weary to Worship: 31 days centered on God’s promises


Resource: How to do a Word Study

Day 1: An Invitation from Weary to Worship

Day 2: When You Feel Too Weary to Wait

Day 3: When Waiting Means Loss: Find Hope in a New Song

Day 4: If Your Heart Needs Courage to Wait

Day 5: When Waiting Challenges Your Belief

Day 6: Why the Best Way to Wait is in Community

Day 7: Here are Five Ways to Wait Well

Day 8: Hidden: Find Yourself in the Grip of Grace

Day 9: Finding Freedom from Hidden Shame

Day 10: Hidden in the Word not in the World

Day 11: Where do You Hide When Troubles Come?

Day 12: Hope is not Hidden. Let it Shine.

Day 13: Uncover Your Hidden Worth

Day 14: Why Baring Your Scars Means Freedom

Day 15: Carried by the One Who Bears Your Healing

Day 16: What a Weary Mom Needs to Carry Her Through Today

Day 17: When You Need Strength to Carry You

Day 18: When Sorrow Seems too Great a Weight to Bear

Day 19: How Your Ordinary Life Carries the Message of Grace

Day 20: How Carrying Each Other’s Burdens is the Way of Grace

Day 21: Why the Way of Grace is the Easiest and the Hardest

Day 22: When You are Ready to Take the Way of Rest

Day 23:

Day 24:

Day 25:

Day 26:

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31: