Meet Janette

When you give your pain over to Jesus, he transforms your story to produce your purpose. This is what it means to be restored by grace.

Janette McLaughlin

Hi, my name is Janette! I’m the wife of one loyal fella and the mommy of one spirited little girl (and her little dog, too). Mine is a story of secondary infertility. We’ve come to understand how the birth of our daughter is our miracle.

I am a teacher with an MA in Education, English Language Arts. I taught 7th grade in public school for almost 7 years before our child was born and I felt called to stay home with her. It was a major shift in my faith and perspective.

When I left my teaching career to be a stay-at-home mom, I struggled with my sense of purpose. Coming from a professional background, I was tempted to say that I was “only a mom.” 

However, after struggling to have a baby for many years, and knowing she may be our only one, I began to put unreasonable pressure upon myself to be the perfect mom.

The truth is, I had a lot of insecurity about being a mom. When it was just me and my baby at home? I didn’t know how to fulfill my roles as a mom, a wife, a friend, keep up with the house and the bills and do all the things…let alone find time to read my Bible and pray!

I soon began to feel like I was the only one…like I was alone in this mommy thing. I was doing everything in my own strength to be the best mom for my child, all the while draining my supplies and becoming weary.

So when my baby girl was still in diapers, I decided to join a mommy group at our church. Meeting other moms at the park, I would say I was a mom of “only one.” I felt like having an only child meant I should have it all together, like this was my one shot at getting it right.

This small community of like-minded moms brought me great joy as I began making new friends, whether they had one child or three (and another on the way). We would pray for one another and visit each other at home when one of us was in need. Besides our children, we had one thing in common that mattered most: Jesus.

I learned that being a mom wasn’t about how many children I had, but that God had given me grace through motherhood.

Soon, I was asked to lead the mommy group and I took on the ministry of writing devotional prayer requests for our little community. Currently I work in women’s ministry teaching from the Bible and leading a small group.

I’m here to encourage you, that you can be restored in the weary days of motherhood as you draw near to the heart of God by the power of his Spirit, through his Word, and personal prayer.

When you give your pain over to Jesus, he transforms your story to produce your purpose. This is what it means to be restored by grace.

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